It’s about Community, Accountability, Support, Friendship, Health.

After 7 years of corporate classes, gym classes, outdoor classes, one on one sessions, group sessions – there’s one thing that has stuck out to me the absolute most. People come to us for fitness, but they stay for the community. That could be with the group they workout with, or their relationship with the trainer.

As a wellness company, to us, your fitness is a high priority, but your overall wellbeing is TOP priority. This brought about Move LA Small groups, which I think is the future of group fitness. Move LA Small Groups is a group of 6 people, one trainer, meeting 4x/week.

The workouts won’t be the gruelling bootcamp sessions you see on TV, they will be about movement that feels good, getting stronger, feeling energeting and healthy. These 5 people will COMMIT. Not only to the trainer, but to each other. These other people will be your support, your motivation, your encouragement, and your reason to keep showing up. Similar programs we have ran like this have created lifelong friendships.



Important Information:

– After signing up, we will find out more information about you and try and match you with a group with a similar fitness level and similar age group. We are a small team and will be very quick on responding to questions etc! 

– The group sessions are for ALL fitness levels. Sessions will comprise of light cardio, strength training, and movement flow. 

– Although these sessions will aid weight loss if that is your goal, the primary purpose of these groups is not weight loss, it is about learning to ENJOY exercise and movement. 

Coach - Erica

Josh Al-Chamaa

Coach - Erica

Amber Charlton

Coach - Erica

Pedro Borges

Coach - Erica

Paulina Krowlikowska