Our Mission

At Move LA We pride ourselves on delivering a world class service to our members in corporate locations. However, we believe it to be equally important that we give back to the communities we operate in, and share the gift of fitness with those who may otherwie not have access.

What do we do?

We provide free outdoor community fitness classes in lower income communities, schools, and within populations at higher risk of illness from obesity related diseases.

How does fitness benefit the community 

Not only does a regular exercise class decrease the chances of suffering from an obesity related disease, it also enables people to meet others from their community, provides a positive ‘out of school’ activity for youth’s, and teaches valuable lessons in self-care and discipline.¬†

Get in Touch

We love to get involved in projects and help give back to the community in any way we can. Please get in touch via our ‘Contact Us’ page if you are interested in working with us on a community outreach project.