Who are we?

Move LA is a boutique Corporate Wellness and Team Building provider. Our aim is to provide companies with a ‘one stop shop’ corporate wellness program that benefits both the employer and their employees. We believe that healthy employees are happy employees and strive to spread the word of wellness to everyone we can!

What do we do?

We offer a number of different wellness programs to meet the needs of the hosting company. We offer programs from our most popular Obstacle Course Race training, to Fat Loss Challenges, to Yoga and Meditation sessions.

Our Move LA team will come into your company and run the program from start to finish. We typically charge the participants as opposed to the company, and handle all of the billing and administration. From the hosting company, all we need is a space available for group classes and help promoting the program within the organization. See programs HERE.

How could it benefit your company?

There are many, many benefits to offering a wellness program to your employees.

Some of these include:

  • Reducing employee stress
  • Reducing the number of employee sick days
  • Promotes community building
  • Increases job satisfaction
  • Increases employee retention
  • Lowers healthcare costs

What makes us different?

We are a small, owner-operated company that genuinely cares about the people we coach. Every coach knows every members name, and makes real connections that often lead to friendships outside of class. On top of that, our classes really work! We have had 100s of members lose inches, improve their strength and fitness, and generally improve their quality of life by being healthier and more active.

See what our current members have to say about us HERE!

How do I make this happen?



Coach - Erica

Vincent Hausman

Coach - Erica

Josh Al-Chamaa

Coach - Erica

Pedro Borges

Coach - Erica

Jenn Coppack

Coach - Erica

Paulina Krowlikowska

Coach - Erica

Amber Charlton


I have lost 45 lbs and completely reshaped my body! I feel and look better, I have more flexibility, more mobility, more balance, more endurance, and I even discovered muscles in my body that I never knew existed before!

Sarah Triboulet

I have been taking Move LA’s Bootcamp classes for three months and I love every minute of it. I am more energized and have noticed some weight loss, but have noticed my posture and strength are getting better. At first I always wanted to be “skinny,” but now I want to be fit, healthy, and obtain the strength in my body. After I get home I am able to stay awake and have family time without yawning or falling asleep as I read to my children. Also, I occasionally take my son to the classes. I never paid attention if he would see the type of exercises we do in class, until one day he said “mama, when we go to Target I want you to buy me little kettle bells and dumb bells so I can exercise.” I get very excited to hear him say he wants to try certain exercises and that he understands the importance of exercising.

Diana Garcia

The classes were just hard enough for me but so much fun and coaches were very friendly. Special shout out to Coaches Vincent, Pedro and Paulina. They are always motivating and correct me whenever I am doing something wrong. It’s a great start of the week with Coach Vincent’s Monday class and end the week with Coach Pedro’s Friday class. I can’t wait to attend their classes more.

Shikhar Aggarwal