by Move LA at Cedars-Sinai

 Who is ready to take on the biggest physical challenge of their life?

 Move LA at Cedars-Sinai will be training a group of 20-25 participants to take part in the Big Bear Spartan race in May. Not only will this be a great way to get super fit, you will make lifelong friends in the process and accomplish an amazing goal alongside each other!

 Move LA will provide 8 weeks of Bootcamp style fitness classes leading up to the race, where we will focus on improving your endurance, strength and stamina.

 See class schedule and class descriptions here: https://move-la.fit/cedars-sinai

 At the end of the 8 weeks of training, we will take on either a 6 mile or a 13 mile race as a team. This program and the race are appropriate for ALL ages and fitness levels. On race day, we will split our group up into mini groups. There will be at least one walking group, and all obstacles are options, so REALLY anyone can take part!

 Please Note: You can take the 8 week program on its own without being obligated to the race.


 Dates: March 23rd – May 15th
Location: Thalians Auditorium, On campus at Cedars-Sinai
Price: $199 for 8 week session (Not including race fee)
This includes – Access to 12 fitness classes per week, meal plan template on request, before and after body composition testing.

 To Sign Up:

 For any questions email amber@move-la.fit