Move LA’s Summer Challenge was an 8 week program designed to help participants lose body fat and improve their fitness in a fun competition format. Participants could score points in 3 categories – attendance, social influence (including bringing a friend to Friend Friday and social media posts), and body composition changes based on a  before and after body composition analysis.

Our two front runners, Miguel and Dylan, were neck and neck throughout the 8 week challenge by not dropping any attendance or social influence points throughout the whole program. However, in the end, the most points were rewarded for the most impressive Body Composition changes .

We had impressive cash prizes for the top 3 scorers!

1st Place $350 – Thomas Mota – Thomas lost 5.5% Body Fat and gained 1lb of Muscle during the 8 weeks. He also racked up 37 points during the challenge for attendance, bringing friends and social media posts!

2nd Place $150 – Fe White – Fe lost 2.5% Body Fat and gained 2lbs of Muscle during the 8 weeks. She also gained a respectable 25 points during the challenge through having great attendance and bringing friends on Fridays.

3rd Place $50 – Tied Between Miguel and Dylan – Miguel and Dylan earned a giant 44 points each during their challenge! They barely let a point drop throughout the 8 weeks.

All participants received a small prize for their participated courtesy of the Cedars-Sinai Wellness Department. CONGRATS to all who participated!